Oink Oink...Get Le Mans Ready With Our Brand New Porsche 917/20 'Pink Pig' 1970 Le Mans Design!

Remove Before/Marc Carreras Collection

Iconic Cloth is proud to announce an exclusive t-shirt collaboration with Remove Before

Remove Before is the brainchild of Marc Carreras, who has been illustrating icons of historic motorsport and classic cars since 2013 - his striking and minimalist approach to form, colour and composition has seen his work recognised and sold by Petrolicious, no less!

This modern approach to design lends thanks to the fact that Marc's day job is in the Audi concept design department!

Iconic Cloth feels his chosen subjects and approach to committing the designs to paper (and in our case, cotton!) are in keeping with our values, and approached him to propose an exclusive collaboration.

Fortunately for us, Marc agreed and the result is this initial range of his limited edition tshirt prints! Enjoy.