Oink Oink...Get Le Mans Ready With Our Brand New Speed Icons Porsche 911 RSR Pink Pig Design!

About us - Our Quest For Vintage Motorsport T-Shirt Nirvana

"Come with me to Stow on the Wold" she said, one Sunday.

The idea of tea shops, stuffy antiques halls and "shabby chic" furniture sent a shiver down my spine. Begrudgingly, I agreed.

I'm glad I did. In Stow we happened upon a small but enchanting motorsport memorabilia shop, where in turn I found this artwork:-


I was in love. I persuaded the shop assistant to tell me who the artist was, I made contact, and the rest is history!

I immediately set about trying to breath life into the motorsport clothing industry, by providing top quality, branded limited edition clothing that features exclusive and unique artwork. We are looking to increase our range all the time and believe very much that you, the customer should have the biggest say in what we feature on our products.

Please click on one of the the tabs at the top of the page to begin your Iconic journey through our product range, and if you like what you see use the social media buttons at the base of the page to follow us our share our content to help spread the word. Join our mailing list and you'll be given sneak previews of new and upcoming designs, but most importantly you will be able to interact with us to let us know what iconic imagery we can immortalise in clothing next!

We look forward to hearing from you!